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Water is our next crisis

Plumbing Services Water is South Africa's next crisis and Kroonstad is especially vulnerable to water supply problems. We all have to adapt and learn to use less water. A leaking tap is not difficult to repair, but often it is a task that is delayed for a considerable time. Those drops of wasted water might only cost a cent, but the cents become rands and soon it will amount to more than the cost of getting a plumber to fix the problem.

More than just plumbing

Plumbing ServicesAJ Plumbing does far more than just fix leaking taps and unblocking smelly drains. We undertake small construction projects related to plumbing as well as a few construction projects not related to plumbing. That might be installing septic tanks, constructing a gravel sump for water drainage, breaking through walls to install new plumbing fixtures or even bathroom tiling. From repairing the smallest plumbing problem to replacing old and worn fixtures with new stylish designs and remodelling your old bathrooms with a modern look, AJ Plumbing is your one-stop plumbing expert.

Your geyser is costing you money

Plumbing ServicesYour geyser could be costing you money. Compared to the design of modern hot water geysers, your old geyser is probably wasting water and using too much electricity. This wastage could amount to hundreds of rands every month.

There is a two-fold problem in Kroonstad of sedimentation in municipal tap water as well as a high mineral and calcium content. The minerals in the water form deposits on the geyser element that build up over time, reducing its effectiveness and therefore wasting electricity. Combined with sedimentation that settles in the bottom of the geyser, it is common for geysers to have a solid mass of calcified material that often completely covers the geyser element. This not only wastes electricity, but it also means that the lifetime of a geyser is reduced considerably. If you have an old geyser, you may have a geyser that is costing you money and requires replacement.

Toilet trouble is often ignored

Plumbing ServicesA leaking toilet costs money and wastes precious water. Since the cost of water usage is being calculated on a sliding scale, it is not uncommon to have an additional R1,600 rand added to a monthly water bill due to a single leaking toilet. It is more effective, faster and often cheaper for a plumber to repair your toilet than to attempt DIY repairs. Many people attempt to repair their own toilets with varying levels of success, but they seldom consider how much the water wastage is really costing them.

Water saving fixtures that looks good

Plumbing ServicesSimply replacing a shower faucet with a low-flow design can save you money. Low-flow taps for the bathroom bath and basins as well as for the kitchen sinks will look stylish, modern and will save money by conserving precious water. Plumbing is not something we think about, but we should pay attention to conserving water.

Think green

Plumbing ServicesThinking green will save water and electricity and that ultimately means more money in your pocket. Green technology also alleviates problems when the supply of water or electricity is interrupted. The solar geyser on the roof will supply hot water even during load-shedding and the rain water collection system will supply water when the water supply is interrupted. Extended power failures and dry taps are frequent occurrences, therefore we have to consider backup systems. AJ Plumbing has extensive experience in various solar power, power battery backup, solar geyseris and water catchment and storage systems. Talk to us about going green and saving money.